1st Grade

Welcome to First Grade! 

Virtue for May


An accepting person ...

~is friendly and open to all God's people, regardless of beliefs, gender, culture or ability
~sees the positive traits in all people even if he/she disagrees with them
~avoids judging or stereotyping others

~understands that there may be more than one way to do things
~sticks up for the "underdog"

Our Daily Prayer for April

Let us now pray...
for the virtue of acceptance--the strength to trust that God is at work in everyone's life despite what we think. 


In religion, we are learning about how we celebrate the sacraments. There will be a chapter 16 test on Wednesday.

Book Spelling.png
 Our new story this week is A Tree is a Plant
.The words to know are almost, country, covers, earth, kinds, ready, soil, and warms. The comprehension skill is sequence of events. The phonics skill is vowel digraphs. There will be reading and spelling tests on Friday.

Number Animals.png

In math, the children will be learning about equal parts, halves, and quarters and fourths. There will be a review for a chapter 9 test on Tuesday, May 29.

Hands Holding Earth.png

In science, the class will be working on a special project on the phases of the moon.