1st Grade

Welcome to First Grade! 

Giving Back
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On Thursday February 2, the First Grade made their January donation of canned food to Outreach.
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On Thursday March 2, the First Grade made their February donation to Outreach.

I will be available on Mondays after school for extra help.


In religion, we are learning how we come to our Good Shepherd.

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Our new story this week is Animal Groups. The words to know are bird, both, eyes, fly, long, or, those, and walk. The comprehension skills are compare and contrast and text and graphic features. The grammar skill is the verb be. There will be a reading and spelling test on Friday.

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In math, the children will learn about time to the half hour on analog and digital clocks. They will also learn about time to the hour and half hour. There will be a Check My Progress on Tuesday.

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