1st Grade

Welcome to First Grade! 

Virtue for January


A person with self-control...

~is patient
~knows how to wait his/her turn
can calm his/herself down and think before reacting to situations
~knows how to avoid physical aggression (hitting, kicking, pushing, fighting, etc.)
~can think things through and do what is best for everyone

Our Daily Prayer for January

Let us now pray...
for the virtue of self-control so that we will resist the temptation to cause harm to ourselves or to others around us.

I will be available for extra help on Mondays 3:00-3:45.


In religion, we are learning about the church year.

Book Spelling.png
Thursday and Friday the children will be working on writing.

Number Animals.png

In math, the children will use related facts to add and subtract. They will also learn about fact families and missing addends.

Hands Holding Earth.png

In science, the class is learning about plants and animals.