1st Grade

Welcome to First Grade! 

Giving Back
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On Thursday February 2, the First Grade made their January donation of canned food to Outreach.

100th Day of School
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On Monday February 13th, the First Grade paraded around the school wearing hats that they covered with 100 objects. The children had been keeping track of the school days until we reached 100, by adding an ice cream scoop to our board each day. We celebrated with an ice cream party. Great job boys and girls!

I will be available on Mondays after school for extra help.


In religion, we are learning how Jesus shows God's love.

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We will continue this week with Seasons. The words to know are fall, open, new, goes, down, grow, yellow, and green. The comprehension skill is cause and effect and the grammar skill is subject and verbs. The reading and spelling tests will be Thursday.

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In math, there will be a review on Monday and a chapter 6 test on Wednesday. We will then start Chapter 7 where the children will learn about numbers to 120 with hundreds, tens, and ones.


In social studies, we will continue unit 4. The children will be learning about our Earth and our resources.

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