1st Grade

Welcome to First Grade! 


Virtue for December


A person of hope...

~Keeps up a positive attitude
~Can bounce back from tough situations
~Set and stick to their goals
~See the good in others even when they make mistakes
~Work to include others
~Let others know that they are good people

I will be available for extra help on Mondays 3:00-3:45.


In religion, we are learning about how Jesus works among the people. There will be a Chapter 4 religion test on Tuesday

Book Spelling.png
Our new story this week is At Home in the Ocean. The words to know are blue, cold, far, little, live, water, and where. The vocabulary strategy is classify and categorize and the comprehension skill is author's purpose. There will be a reading and spelling test on Friday.

Number Animals.png

In math, the children will make 10 to add, add in any order, and add three numbers.


In social studies, the children will learn about jobs, needs and wants, and spending and saving.