1st Grade

Welcome to First Grade! 

Virtue for March


A kind person ...

~says nice things about others so that they feel good about themselves
~sticks up for people who get picked on or need help
~refuses to join others who are insulting, intimidating, mean or hurtful

~watches and looks for ways to help those in need

Our Daily Prayer for March

Let us now pray...
for the virtue of kindness so that everyone we meet will feel like we are looking out for their good. 

I will be available for extra help on Mondays 3:00-3:45.


In religion, we are learning about how the Holy Spirit helps the church to grow.

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 There is no new story this week due to the  CogAT testing.

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In math, the children will learn to read bar graphs. There will be a review for a Chapter 6 test on Thursday.


In social studies, the children will be learning about Native Americans and early travelers to America.