Ronnie Morales

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2nd Grade!



An accepting person…

Is friendly and open to all God’s people, regardless of age, beliefs, gender, culture or ability

Sees the positive traits in all people even if he/she disagrees with them

Avoids judging or stereotyping others

Understands that there may be more than one way to do things

Sticks up for the “underdog”


Our Daily Prayer for May

Let us now pray...

for the virtue of acceptance—the strength to trust that God is at work in everyone’s life

despite what we think.


Please send your child to school with water and a snack. Please make sure your child knows his/her mode of transportation for getting home from school.

Extra help will be offered in my classroom on Monday afternoons from 3 to 3:45. Please let me know if your child will be staying with me for extra help.


Monday - Art
Tuesday - Computer
Wednesday - Gym, Music
Thursday - Gym
Friday - Spanish, Library


Congratulations to the second graders on a job well done!

 In Religion, we will begin Unit 4, We Live Our Catholic Faith. The children will learn about ways they can serve God and His children.




In Reading, the children will The Dog That Dug for Dinosaurs. We will have a reading and spelling test on Friday.




                                   Number Animals.png



In Math, the children will continue Chapter 12, Geometric Shapes and Equal Shares. 





This week in Science, we will continue our chapter on Earth Sciences with Lesson 2 What Changes Land? The children will have a lesson 2 quiz on Thursday.



In Social Studies, we will begin Unit 6, People and Places in History.