Ronnie Morales

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2nd Grade!


I will be available on Monday afternoons in my classroom for extra help.

 In Religion, we will begin Unit 4, Jesus Gives Us the Gift of Himself, which prepares us for the Sacrament of First Holy Communion.




In Reading, we will read My Name is Gabriela, and work on understanding characters. Our vocabulary words are accepted, express, taught, grand, pretend, prize, wonder, and fluttering . Our spelling skill this week is long e sound for y and our vocabulary skill is suffixes. In grammar we will be learning about the verb be. We will have an assessment on our story and a spelling test on Friday.




                                   Number Animals.png



In Math, we will begin chapter 8, Number Patterns and Area. This week we will learn about repeated addition and arrays.





This week in Science, we will begin lesson 4 in Chapter 2, Where Do Plants and Animals Live?.



    In Social Studies,