Ronnie Morales

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2nd Grade!


I will be available on Monday afternoons in my classroom for extra help.

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 In Religion, we will continue Unit 3, Jesus Gives Us the Gift of Peace, which prepares us for the Sacrament of Reconciliation.




In Reading, we will read Officer Buckle and Gloria and we will learn all about cause and effect and humor. Our vocabulary words are obeys, safety, attention, buddy, station, speech, shocked, and enormous. Our spelling skills for this week are compound words and the schwa vowel sound. Our reading and spelling tests will be on Wednesday.




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In Math, we will complete chapter 6, Adding Three-Digit Numbers. This week we will focus on adding 3 digit numbers, and regrouping ones and tens. We will have our chapter 6 test on Wednesday.





This week in Science



    In Social Studies, we will complete Unit 2, Our Earth, with lesson 4 all about our natural resources and have a unit test on Tuesday.