Ronnie Morales

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2nd Grade!


A person of conscience

· Chooses to do the "right thing" and feels good about it

· Can see how his/her actions may hurt others

· Admits his/her wrong-doing and feels badly

· Says "sorry" and tries to make up for mistakes

· Keeps promises

Our Daily Prayer for November

Let us now pray...

for the grace and strength to be people of

Conscience—people who know the good and

decent way to act and then choose to act that way.


Happy Thanksgiving!
Please join us for our Thanksgiving liturgy on Tuesday at 9:15 with the High School. On Wednesday, please join us 10:00 in the Social Room for a special Thanksgiving assembly brought to you by our Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd Grades.

Please send your child to school with water and a snack. Please make sure your child knows his/her mode of transportation for getting home from school.

Extra help will be offered in my classroom on Monday afternoons from 3 to 3:45. Please let me know if your child will be staying with me for extra help.


Monday - Art
Tuesday - Computer
Wednesday - Gym, Music
Thursday - Gym
Friday - Spanish, Library


 In Religion, we will complete chapter 4, We Celebrate Baptism. In this chapter we will learn more about Jesus and the sacrament of Baptism.




In Reading, we will not have a new story this week.




                                   Number Animals.png



In Math, the children will begin chapter 4, Number Patterns and Adding Two-Digit Numbers.





This week in Science, we are learning all about volume and combining matter.



In Social Studies, we will complete Unit 5, Our Country Long Ago., lessons 1 and two. The children will have a test on lessons 1 and 2 on Wednesday.