Michelle Kurowski

I will be available on Wednesday afternoons in my classroom for extra help from 3:00-3:30.


In Religion the students will be starting Unit 3: Gods Plan is a Plan of Love. In this unit the children will understand what God's kingdom is like, they will appreciate God's plan that enables us to belong to the kingdom, and they will be familiar with some of Jesus' parables and miracles and their meanings. 

This week students will work in Chapter 17: Jesus Christ is Lord and King. Jesus ascended to heaven and will come again in glory to judge the world by its love. 

The students will have an open book assessment on chapter 17 on Thursday, March 30th. 






In Math the students will begin chapter 10: Equations. In this chapter the students will learn about The Distributive Property, multiplying three factors, the associative property, writing expressions and equations, solving two step problems, and using logical reasoning. 

‚ÄčThis week students will learn how to evaluate expressions, solve two step word problems, and use logical reasoning. 

The students will be assessed on chapter 10 on Friday, March 31st.




This week in reading the students will read The Extra Good Sunday. One skill that the students will work on this week is understanding characters through their traits, feelings, and motivations. The spelling words this week are words with the -er, ir, ur, and  -or. The grammar skill this week is verbs-past, present, and future.

The students will be assessed on the material on Friday, March 31st.

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In science, the students will be learning about living things. Students will classify animals into major groups based on inherited traits and behavior, will use observations and evidence to explain that some traits are inherited and some traits are learned or acquired, and students will develop and use models to describe how some animals grow and change during their life cycles.

This week we will be working on lesson 2: How are offspring like their parents?

The students will be assessed on Chapter 4, lesson 2 on Thursday, March 30th.