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Here’s a peek at what is going on in

Third Grade!


In Religion we will be starting Unit 3: Gods Plan is a Plan of Love. In this unit the children will understand what God's kingdom is like, they will appreciate God's plan that enables us to belong to the kingdom, and they will be familiar with some of Jesus' parables and miracles and their meanings. 

This week the students will  chapter 12: Jesus Revealed the Kingdom of God. They will learn that through miracles and parables, Jesus taught us about the Kingdom of God, which we are called to belong to and spread.

The students will be assessed on chapter 12 on Wednesday,February 8th.






In Math we will finish chapter 8: Measurement. In this chapter the students will learn about estimating and measuring capacity, solving capacity problems, estimating and measuring mass, solving mass problems, telling time to the minute, and time intervals.

This week the students will review chapter 8.

The students will be assessed on chapter 8 on Thursday, February 9th Friday , February 10th. 





This week in reading the students will read Young Thomas Edison. Some of the skills they will work on are main idea and details, pronouns, and antecedents. 

The students will be assessed on the material on Friday February 10th Monday, February 13th. Spelling test will still be Friday.


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In science, the students will continue with chapter 3: Plants. They will learn how to classify plants into major groups, they will develop models that describe how leaves, roots and stems help plants in their life cycles, they will communicate how plants reproduce using seeds and cones, and they will describe how plants change during their life cycles. 

The students will be assessed on Lesson 5 on Friday, February 10th.