Veronica Bossong

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I will be having extra help on Wednesdays from 3:00 - 3:45. If your child has a specific question about something learned in class (or needs assistance studying), please send in a note that day to let me know he/she will be staying. Pick-up is from the Weeks Ave doors.

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Specials: Monday: Spanish and Computer Tuesday: Art Wednesday: Library Thursday: Phys. Ed. and Music Friday: Phys. Ed.

Virtue of Month



A person with self-control…

  • Is patient

  • Knows how to wait his/her turn

  • Can calm him/herself down and think before reacting to situations

  • Knows how to avoid physical aggression (hitting, kicking, pushing, fighting, etc.)

  • Can think things through and do what is best for everyone

Our Daily Prayer for January~Let us now pray... for the virtue of self-control so that we will resist the temptation to cause harm to ourselves or to others around us. Amen

Here is a sneak peek of the week of 1-16-18.


In Religion, the children will continue chapter 6: "The Church Year." In this chapter, the children will learn that the Church year celebrates Jesus.

In reading, the children will be working on an olympic writing assignment. 

Spelling and reading assessments will be on Fridays unless otherwise stated.


In math, the children will finish/review chapter 6: "Rounding and Addition". In this chapter, the children will learn addition properties, patterns in the addition table, how to add mentally, how to estimate sums, and how to add 3-digit and 4-digit numbers.

This week, the children will work on adding four-digit numbers and checking for reasonable answers.



In science, the children will begin chapter 2: Energy and its Forms. In this chapter, the children will learn about different forms of energy and how energy can change. They will learn how light and matter interact through reflection, refraction, and absorption, what heat and light energy are; how vibrations make sounds; and how electrical energy moves.

This week the children will start lesson 2: How does energy change form?

The children will be assessed on the material in lesson 1 on Tuesday January 16th.