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Here’s a peek at what is going on in

Third Grade!


In Religion, the students will be working in Unit 5: Jesus Is with Us on Our Way. The children will learn how Jesus helps us be holy through the sacraments. They will celebrate the Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation and the Eucharist with greater understanding.

This week students will work in Chapter 24: God's Family Celebrates the Eucharist. In this chapter, the students will learn that Jesus is present in our celebration of the Eucharist and speaks to us in the Liturgy of the Word.

The students will not be assessed on chapter 24.









In Math, the students will finish chapter 13: Represent and Interpret Data. In this chapter, the students will survey, record, organize, and study data that they collect. They will learn how to read and present these data in a variety of ways, including bar graphs, picture graphs, and line plots.

This week the students will review the chapter.

The students will be assessed on chapter 13 on Thursday, June 1st.






This week in reading the students will be working on their writing skills. 



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In Science, the students will be starting chapter 5: Ecosystems. Students will analyze how living and nonliving things interact within an ecosystem. They will use models to describe how energy flows through ecosystems in food chains and food webs. Students will use evidence to construct an argument that claims when changes to an ecosystem are helpful or harmful to the living things within that ecosystem. Finally, students will analyze and interpret data from fossils and will communicate how fossils are used to learn about the past. 

This week students will work in lesson 1: What is an ecosystem?

The will be assessed on lesson 1 on Tuesday, June 6th.