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Specials: Monday: Spanish and Computer Tuesday: Art Wednesday: Library Thursday: Phys. Ed. and Music Friday: Phys. Ed.



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Here are a few reminders for the week 9/25/17.

There is no lunch service on Monday, the child need to bring a complete lunch to school. If your child will be buying lunch any or all days Tuesday- Friday, please complete the form and send it back to school on Monday. NUT Cards will be sold on Tuesday and Wednesday this week.


Martin Luther King Jr. Day Icon.png In Religion, the children will finish chapter 1: "God Sends Us His Only Son." In this chapter the children will learn about Jesus' life and the ways he taught us to live as his followers. They will learn how God the Son became one of us, how he grew up in Nazareth, how Jesus begins his work and finally, how he shows us how to live as his followers. The children will be assessed on the material in chapter 1 on Friday, September 29th.


In reading this week, the children will be reading the story "Destiny's Gift." The skills that they will work on this week are story message and antonyms. The grammar skills this week are simple and compound sentences and coordinating conjunctions. The spelling words are words with long a and long o.

Spelling and reading assessments will be on Fridays unless otherwise stated.



In math this week the children will start chapter 2 "Understand Division".

In this chapter the children will learn how to show division as equal sharing, relate division and subtraction, relate division and multiplication, and understand inverse operations. This week they will work on division as equal sharing, relating division and subtraction, and relating division and multiplication.


In science the children are working in chapter 1: "Forces and Motion." In this chapter they will learn about motion, how forces affect motion, and gravity.
This week they will continue lesson 2: "How does force affect motion?" They will investigate the effects of balanced and unbalanced forces on the motion of an object.