Veronica Bossong

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I will be having extra help on Wednesdays from 3:00 - 3:45. If your child has a specific question about something learned in class (or needs assistance studying), please send in a note that day to let me know he/she will be staying. Pick-up is from the Weeks Ave doors.

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Specials: Monday: Spanish and Computer Tuesday: Art Wednesday: Library Thursday: Phys. Ed. and Music Friday: Phys. Ed.

Virtue of the Month May-


An accepting person…  

·     Is friendly and open to all God’s people, regardless of age, beliefs, gender, culture or ability

·    Sees the positive traits in all people even if he/she disagrees with them

·    Avoids judging or stereotyping others  

·    Understands that there may be more than one way to do things

·    Sticks up for the “underdog”


Our Daily Prayer for May


Let us now pray...

for the virtue of acceptance—the strength


trust that God is at work in everyone’s life

despite what we think.



Here is a sneak peek of the week of 5-21-18.


  This week in Religion, the children will begin chapter 17: "We Worship at Mass. In this chapter, the children will learn about the parts of the Mass and how we are sent forth from Mass to serve God and other people.


This week, in reading, the children will be working on their speeches for Biography Day. More information to follow about Biography Day. 
Spelling and reading assessments will be on Fridays unless otherwise stated.


In math, the children will continue chapter 12:   "Fractions". In this chapter, the children will learn all about fractions.

In social studies this year, the children will be learning about three world nations. They will learn about the geography, history, government, economy, and culture of each country. Throughout the lessons, these themes will also be compared and contrasted to counterparts in the United States.

This week will learn about the land of Mexico.


In science the children will continue chapter 3: Plants. They will be learning all about plants. Different types, parts, and what each part does.

This week we will review lesson 5: How do plants use flowers and cones to reproduce?

 The children will be assessed on the material on Tuesday, May 22nd.