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                             Welcome to 4th Grade!
Dear Parents and Students,

Please remember Memorial Day is not just about sales, barbecues, and pool openings.  It is a day of remembrance. and appreciation for all the dedicated military men and women who put their lives on the line for our freedoms. Freedoms many of us take for grated as we go about our day-to-day lives.  The first of our fallen heroes, the Patriots, fell during the 1775 Battle at Lexington and Concord when our country was emerging.  Since then, many have given up family time, work commitments, and their lives to ensure that we at home have the freedoms that were placed in ink within in our Constitution and Bill of Rights by our forefathers.  I want to thank all who have served, are serving, and lost loved ones who have served.  I wish everyone a Happy Memorial Day.

We will be taking the New York State Science hands-on Test on Thursday, June 1st. We have been preparing for this test all year.  The written test will be on Monday, June 5th.

Please feel free to contact me with any concerns.  
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Thank you for all you do!

Happy Memorial Day ! 
God Bless America!

Mrs. Siviglia

          Take a look at what we are studying in                                                    class this week...

In religion, this week we will learn that the Second Commandment tells us to respect God's name and all that is related to God.
We will also be saying a Decade of the Rosary each day, as May is her special month.

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In math, this week we are going to continue with Chapter 10 "Frictions and Decimals." In this chapter, we will continue to work with, Place value, equivalent fractions, and base-ten systems are studied using models, charts, grids, and number lines.
In science, this week we will review on Monday Chapter 5 "Ecosystem." Our test on this chapter will be on Tuesday, May 23rd.

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Special Schedule
Monday: Phys. Ed.
Tuesday: Phys. Ed.
Wednesday: Library 
Thursday: Computer
Friday: Art