Angie Siviglia

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                             Welcome to 4th Grade!
Dear Parents and Students,

I hope everyone enjoyed their February break.

I also want to thank you for all the wonderful Valentine cards and gifts.  I definitely felt loved!!

Friday, March 3rd the 4th grade will host Mass at 9:15.  All are welcome!

The year is half over... which makes me nervous because we have so much more to do. But when I think about how much we have already accomplished, I calm down and look forward to the next few months.

***Extra Help for Math will take place on  Wednesday afternoon 
from 3:00-3:30 in Room 205.  All students who have questions are welcome to come for extra help. ***

Practice, Practice, Practice!!! Please have your child practice their times tables every night.  It will make learning the newer concepts in math easier for them.

The POW (Problem Of the Week) will be given out every Monday and will be DUE every FRIDAY! 

Please help me help your child! I am asking that you check and sign agendas each night. I want you to know what we are learning about and I need to know if your child is having trouble with the homework.  Together we can make this a wonderful educational experience.

Please feel free to contact me with any concerns.  
My email:

Happy Valentine's Day and may you always be surrounded by love!
Thank you for all you do!

Mrs. Siviglia

          Take a look at what we are studying in                                                    class this week...

In religion, we will focus on how Ash Wednesday is the beginning of our observance of Lent. We will also be able to explain the significance of the distribution of ashes on Ash Wednesday.

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In math, we will finish and review Chapter 13 "Divide by a One-Digit Number".  Students divide mentally, estimate quotients, divide with remainders, and check division problem answers using multiplication and addition. Our test on this chapter will be Thursday, March 2nd.
In science, this week we will continue with Chapter 4 "Plants and Animals." We will continue to  learn about  how plants make food and how animals respond to the environment.  We will also learn about adaptations and inherited behaviors.  This will help us to understand how plants and animals reproduce and grow.

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Special Schedule
Monday: Phys. Ed.
Tuesday: Phys. Ed.
Wednesday: Library 
Thursday: Computer
Friday: Art