Michelle Kurowski

Welcome to 4th Grade!

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Dear Parents and Students,

The students will be taking their Performance part of the Science test on Tuesday, May 22nd. Please make sure they come to school on time, go to sleep  early, and eat a healthy breakfast!

I will be offering extra help for math and science on Wednesday's from 3:00-3:45. If your child has a particular question about something learned in class (or needs assistance studying), please send in a note that day to let me know he/she will be staying. Pick-up is from the Weeks Ave doors.

The POW (Problem of the Week) will be given out every Monday and will be DUE every FRIDAY!

Take a look at what we are studying in class!

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In Religion, we will review Chapter 11 "The Third Commandment." 

The students will be assessed on the Chapter 11 on Wednesday, May 23rd.

The Virtue for the month of May is Acceptance.


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We will finish Chapter 6 "Perimeter and Area." We will measure perimeter, solve a simpler problem, model area, measure area, and relate perimeter and area. 

The students will be assessed on Chapter 6 on Friday, May 25th.

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In science we will begin Chapter 5, "Ecosystems." In this chapter students will know how living things interact with their environments. They will learn about ecosystems and how living things get energy; food chains, food webs, and how living things affect the environment; and fossils and why scientists study them.