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On Thursday, the 4th graders will be attending the Ascension Thursday Mass at 9:15 a.m. It is also an 11:00 dismissal.

I will be available for extra help on Monday afternoons from 3:00 to 3:30. If your child has a particular question about something learned in class (or needs assistance studying), please send in a note that day to let me know he/she will be staying. Pick-up is from the Weeks Ave doors.

This Week's Sneak Peek...

In Religion, we will learn that the Second Commandment tells us to respect God’s name and all that is related to God. Throughout the month we will be praying a decade of the Rosary each day.






In ELA, we will read two articles about how service dogs can be trained to help people with disabilities do many things. Throughout the next couple of weeks we will discuss sequence of events, main idea, and adverbs.



In Social Studies, we will review Long Island's role at the beginning of the Revolutionary War. There will be a chapter test on Thursday.