I’m thrilled to be starting my 12th year of teaching and my 3rd year of teaching at St. Dominic’s Elementary School.  The love and desire for education that my 4th grade teacher displayed in the classroom inspired me to be the teacher that I am today. 

I received my Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education and Psychology from Hofstra University (Cum Laude).  Then, I received my Master's Degree in Elementary Education: Specializing in Mathematics, Science, and Technology (known as STEM now) from Hofstra University (Summa Cum Laude).

Previously, I worked at 4 different public schools as a leave replacement teacher.  Then, I was a math specialist in 2 different private schools.  I also worked at a Greek-American Elementary School as a 3rd Grade Teacher.  This school year I will be teaching Math and Science in the middle school. I will also be the 7th Grade Homeroom Teacher.  

My interests include traveling, solving sudoku puzzles, playing tennis, ice skating, and bowling.  I am also fluent in the Modern Greek language.