Welcome to Kindergarten!

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Monday: Library and Music
Tuesday: Computer
Wednesday: Gym
Thursday: Art and Spanish
Friday: Gym

Virtue of the Month May-


An accepting person…  

  • Is friendly and open to all God’s people, regardless of age, beliefs, gender, culture or ability

  • Sees the positive traits in all people even if he/she disagrees with them

  • Avoids judging or stereotyping others  

  • Understands that there may be more than one way to do things

  • Sticks up for the “underdog”

Our Daily Prayer for May

Let us now pray...

for the virtue of acceptance—the strength


trust that God is at work in everyone’s life

despite what we think.




Take a look at what's going on this week.

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In reading this week the children will learn about how living things grow.  We will read the Big Book Zinnia's Flower Garden. The new high-frequency words are all, her, over, she, some, and when.  In grammar, we will focus on proper nouns for days and months.

This week in Fundations we will continue to learn about digraphs (sh, wh, ck, th, and ch).


This week in math the students will compose and decompose numbers 11 to 15.