Welcome to Kindergarten!
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Monday: Library and Music
Tuesday: Computer
Wednesday: Gym
Thursday: Art and Spanish
Friday: Gym

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Virtue for January
A person with self-control...

~is patient
~knows how to wait his/her turn
can calm his/herself down and think before reacting to situations
~knows how to avoid physical aggression (hitting, kicking, pushing, fighting, etc.)
~can think things through and do what is best for everyone

Our Daily Prayer for January

Let us now pray...
for the virtue of self-control so that we will resist the temptation to cause harm to ourselves or to others around us. 

Take a look at what's going on this week.

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This week the students will be reading about animals. We will read the Big Book What Do You Do With a Tail Like This?  The new high-frequency words are you and what. In grammar, we will focus on identifying parts of a complete sentence.

In Fundations, the class will continue to learn how to blend words with three sounds. The children will also learn the proper letter formation for uppercase letters A-H.


This week in math the students will compose and decompose 6 and 7 using objects, pictures, and numbers.