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Grades 3-8

What is the Fitnessgram?
The Fitnessgram is a comprehensive health-related fitness and activity assessment for children between the ages of 5-17+. This includes a variety of physical fitness exercises designed to assess cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, muscular endurance, flexibility and body composition. The standards are age and gender specific and are established based on how fit children need to be for good health. 

-promote lifelong physical activity among youth
-long term view of physical education (instill lifelong habits of physical activity)
-provide children with the knowledge, attitude, and skills to be active for a lifetime
-promote enjoyable regular physical activity
-provide comprehensive physical fitness assessments for the children

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**Children are NOT graded based on the fitnessgram program or their results**
This program is solely used to give children an opportunity to see their PERSONAL fitness levels. They are encouraged to set goals for themselves to improve in at least one area of the five health components. 

Fitnessgram Exercises
-Trunk Lift (Flexibility)
-Curl ups/Sit ups (Muscular Endurance/Strength)
-Push ups (Muscular Strength)
-Shuttle Run (Cardiovascular Endurance)
-Sit and Reach (Flexibility)

-Pacer Run (Cardiovascular Endurance)
-Flexed Arm Hang (Muscular Endurance/Strength)
-Pull ups (Muscular Strength/Endurance)
-Sit and Reach (Flexibility)