WEEK 02/06 /2017


RELIGION: This week we will finish our work on the 10 commandments and have our test on Friday.


HEALTH: 8A will take their Health test on Cold and Flu Season.


Grade 7

RELIGION: This week we will continue working on the Miracles of Christ and we will have our test on the 12 Apostles.

HEALTH: 7A will take their test on "Flu Season", 7B will continue with the article on Food Allergies.


Grade 6

RELIGION: This week we will continue with our story of Jacob and his sons.

HEALTH: We will work on the topic of food allergies which we will read about in our Choices magazine.


RELIGION: This week we are going to work on the chapter in our book which is about the Sacraments. We will continue our chapter and we will then review for a test on Friday.

HEALTH: We will continue our topic on the 5 senses.