Week of October 2

 GRADE 8: This year our focus will be on the Sacrament of Confirmation. We will discuss and learn the requirements needed to receive this sacrament. We will be starting to learn about the early church and the spread of Christianity in addition to preparing for Confirmation.

Grade 7: Our focus this year is on the New Testament and the mission that Jesus was sent to accomplish. This week we will talk about the miracle performed by Jesus. the students were shown a video in our last class depicting some of the miracles performed by Christ. They were given an assignment to choose any two and write about them. We will discuss their choices this week.

Grade 6: In this grade we focus on the Old Testament and the many stories of faith in the Bible. We will start with creation. This week there will be attest on the Bible. We will review in class and then the following class we will have our test.

Grade 5: Our main focus this year is on the sacraments. WE will also study about the saints, the Ten Commandments and the Liturgical seasons. We will have a test on the ten commandments and CHAPTER 1 in our book. The students were given notes from this chapter and also a printout of the 10 commandments in simple language. Our test is Wednesday and we will review in class on Monday.