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Specials: Monday: Spanish and Computer Tuesday: Art Wednesday: Library Thursday: Phys. Ed. and Music Friday: Phys. Ed.

Virtue of the Month June


A fair person…

·         Listens to all sides before forming opinions  

·         Shows good sportsmanship at all times  

·         Knows that the same rules apply to everyone

·         Refuses to twist rules to avoid consequences  

·         Works to bring about peaceful solutions to problems  

·         Cheers on the success of others  

·         Can balance their own rights and responsibilities with those of others

Our Daily Prayer for June
          Let us now pray…

for the virtue of fairness—
the desire to live by

the rules of God’s kingdom every day of our lives.



Here is a sneak peek of the week of 6 -11-18.



  This week in Religion, the children will discuss how we share in Jesus' mission as we live out his message of peace and justice each day. 


This week, in reading, the children will finish working on their speeches and backgrounds for Biography Day. 

They will also be reading some stories and reviewing some skills.


In math, the children will work in chapter 14:   "Geometry and Perimeter"


In social studies this year, the children will be learning about three world nations. They will learn about the geography, history, government, economy, and culture of each country. Throughout the lessons, these themes will also be compared and contrasted to counterparts in the United States.

This week will continue to learn about Mexico.



In science, the children will work in chapter 5: Ecosystems.