Ronnie Morales

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2nd Grade!



A fair person…

Listens to all sides before forming opinions

Shows good sportsmanship at all times

Knows that the same rules apply to everyone

Refuses to twist rules to avoid consequences

Works to bring about peaceful solutions to problems

Cheers on the success of others

Can balance their own rights and responsibilities with those of others


Our Daily Prayer for June

Let us now pray...

for the virtue of fairness—the desire to live by the rules of God’s kingdom every day of our lives.


Please send your child to school with water and a snack. Please make sure your child knows his/her mode of transportation for getting home from school.


Monday - Art
Tuesday - Computer
Wednesday - Gym, Music
Thursday - Gym
Friday - Spanish, Library


Congratulations to the second graders on a job well done!

 In Religion, we will continue Unit 4, We Live Our Catholic Faith. The children will learn about ways they can serve God and His children.




In Reading, the children will read the last 2 stories Two of Everything and Now and Then.




                                   Number Animals.png



In Math, the children will complete Chapter 13, Time. 





This week in Science,



In Social Studies,